What You Save with Leasing an HP 340 Printer

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Why Choose In-House 3D Printing?

Most who adopt 3D printing want to accelerate their product development. They realize 3D printing can get them to their finish line, faster.

Because providing proof of concept and prototyping helps you win projects, in-house 3D printing can give you an unexpected competitive edge.

From paper printers to 3D printers, HP has evolved to create some of the fastest thermoplastic 3D printing machines on the market. If you haven’t already read up on multi jet fusion technology, learn about these printers and HP’s technology.

The Easiest Way to Say YES to Multi Jet Fusion

HP 3D as a Service Plus (HP 3DaaS Plus), Which We Consider a Comprehensive Lease Service

The HP 3DaaS Plus helps you focus on your product design first. It’s more direct, and you have better control over the parts you’re making and, more importantly, the end outcome.

HP Parts

Details of the 340 HP Printer

Comparable in function to the HP Jet Fusion 540 3D Printer, the HP Jet Fusion 340 3D Printer uses PA 12 material with a smaller footprint to give you fast parts in-house. What’s interesting, is this particular printer is only available as part of the Lease service.

You get a build size of 7.5 by 10 by 10 inches (254mm by 190mm by 248mm). You can pack 32 parts (30cc) in a full build.

Other stats:

  • Layer thickness 0.08mm
  • Printhead resolution 1200 dpi
Print 3D audience

An Affordable, Low-Risk, All-Inclusive Solution

Key benefits of the lease include:

  • A nimble, flexible 3D printing option
  • Having agile product development
  • Iterating on designs faster because you can experiment
  • Prototype, produce, and go to the market faster because you have the ability to adapt as you go
  • Eliminate extra work designing support structures and redesigning FFF / SLA parts for production
  • Embrace change by updating designs at any stage of development cycle

Pay Per Month

You can produce functional parts for a fraction of the time. Which is pretty cool.

  • Monthly expense within your budget
  • Includes printer, shipment, installation, training, supplies, support
  • Supplies are automatically shipped to you

Who Benefits?

Do you fall into one of the following categories?

  • Designers and their teams
  • Engineers and Engineering Firms
  • Product Development Teams

Need to see some evidence? We get it. Our customer Fiskars owns an HP printer and have seen marked success. We can talk through what their journey looked like.

There are also a plethora of companies like Smile Direct, Volkswagen, and others who’ve used HP’s printers to their competitive advantage.

What You Stand to Gain

  • Quality delivered and controlled in-house
  • Iterate your designs faster
  • Be more competitive
  • Make decisions faster
  • Secure – Designs are not exposed externally
  • Very low upfront investment
  • Low risk
  • Pay as you use, based on projects
  • Streamline your process and technology to be deployed across different product lines

Did we mention supplies arrive as-needed; there’s no ordering?

So that’s no inventory, no ordering. This simplifies things and makes less tasks for your team when it comes to ordering, inventory management, and cost management.

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