D2 Tool Steel

Markforged Material – D2 Tool Steel for the Metal X System

D2 tool steel offers high hardness and compressive strength as it can be heat treated. D2 tool steel can be used without heat treatment, though Markforged advises doing so to maximize its strength.

What is D2 Tool Steel?

D2 is a commonly used high-compression wear-resistant tool steel for cold-working applications:

  • High compressive strength (Higher than A2)
  • Corrosion resistance (Has added chromium)
  • Sharp edges (Perfect for industrial cutting applications)
  • High hardness (60 HRC)

Who will use D2 Tool Steel?

The following industries often need parts that have an edge and stand up to wear:

  • Sheet metal fabricators for bending, stamping, forming
  • Manufacturers and assemblers for internal tooling and fixture
  • Large machine shops for internal tooling purposes

When to print with D2 Tool Steel?

  • Cutting and forming tools for metal fabrication
  • Adding wear resistance to tools, jigs, and fixtures