D2 Tool Steel

Markforged Material – D2 Tool Steel for the Metal X System

D2 tool steel offers high hardness and compressive strength as it can be heat treated. While Markforged 3D Printing recommends heat-treating D2 tool steel to optimize it, it can be used as-is.

What is D2 Tool Steel?

D2 is a commonly used high compression wear resistant tool steel for cold-working applications:

  • High compressive strength (Higher than A2)
  • Corrosion resistance (Has added chromium)
  • Sharp edges (Perfect for industrial cutting applications)
  • High hardness (60 HRC)

Who will use D2 Tool Steel?

The following industries often need parts that have an edge and stand up to wear:

  • Sheet metal fabricators for bending, stamping, forming
  • Manufacturers and assemblers for internal tooling and fixture
  • Large machine shops for internal tooling purposes

When to print with D2 Tool Steel?

  • Cutting and forming tools for metal fabrication
  • Adding wear resistance to tools, jigs, and fixtures
D2 Tool Steel Material