Nylon White Filament

Nylon White is stronger, stiffer and more reliable than our original Nylon material. The material exhibits a smooth, non-abrasive surface finish, and is reinforceable with any of our continuous fiber material options.

Best of all, if your printer works with our Onyx material, you can switch between Nylon White and Onyx without swapping print heads.

This new Nylon White will take the place of the existing Nylon. Eiger software was improved with slight changes as you slice Nylon-selected parts. To use the new Nylon, choose Nylon White from the Materials dropdown; to continue printing with the older Nylon, select, Nylon – End of Life in the part settings.

Which layer heights are supported?

Nylon White can print in the same layer heights as Tough Nylon.

  • Non-reinforced: 100 μm, 125μm, or 200 μm
  • Reinforced: default to 100 μm (HSHT, Kevlar, Fiberglass), 125 μm (Carbon Fiber)

Which printers can print Nylon White?

X7 and Mark Two print Nylon White.

Are there print quality differences between Tough Nylon and Nylon White?

Yes, in general the print quality has improved. Nylon White parts tend to have smoother surface finish and better printability than Tough Nylon.

What print head should I use to print Nylon White?

Nylon White (and Onyx) will print on the same print head. You cannot print Tough Nylon on a print head that has printed Nylon White or Onyx.

Is Nylon White reinforceable across all Markforged fibers?