Onyx Filament

Onyx Filament, a Markforged Material, is nylon mixed with chopped carbon fiber, offering a high-strength thermoplastic with excellent heat resistance, surface finish, and chemical resistance.

How strong is Onyx Material for 3D Printing?

Onyx Filament has a flexural strength of 81 MPa (11.7 ksi). For more information on Onyx Filament material properties, download this datasheet.

What is the difference between chopped carbon fiber and continuous carbon fiber?

Chopped carbon fiber is what is mixed into Onyx filament giving it high stiffness and strength. Continuous carbon fiber is a reinforcement fiber that can be printed in long strands, creating composite parts many times stronger and stiffer than Onyx material.

When to 3D print with Onyx material?

Onyx serves as a thermoplastic matrix for Markforged’s composite parts. It can be printed alone or reinforced with one of our continuous fibers to give strength comparable to aluminum. Use Onyx filament for anything from tooling and fixtures to end-use parts.