H13 Tool Steel

Tool steel optimized for high temperature and wear applications.

3D print H13 tool steel, a material optimized for high temperature and wear applications. It’s used for molds and die casts, wear inserts and tooling, and forming punches and dies. When heat treated, it can reach a Rockwell hardness of 46-50 and an ultimate tensile strength of 1500 MPa.

When to 3D print with H13 Tool Steel?

H13 works excellently in high temperature and can withstand drastic cooling. This, coupled with abrasion resistance and machinability, makes it ideal for molds and wear resistant pieces.

  • Injection molds
  • Forming tooling
  • Wear resistant inserts
  • Dies and punches

Did you know?

  • Markforged H13 Tool Steel gets harder, stronger, and tougher when heat treated.
  • Markforged printed and heat-treated H13 tool steel effectively matches wrought heat-treated H13 in strength and hardness.
H13 Tool Steel Part