Onyx FR Filament

Flame-retardant (FR) Onyx has self-extinguishing properties and is as strong as, but lighter than, a material like Aluminum – especially when reinforced with Continuous Carbon Fiber.

What is Onyx FR?

Everything you know and appreciate about Markforged’s original Onyx material, this Onyx offering is flame-retardant. Onyx FR is light weight and high strength. It is UL94 V-0 rated down to 3 mm thickness. The material makeup is a Nylon base with chopped Carbon Fiber, and a flame-retardant additive.

When to print with Onyx FR?

Common applications for industries are those that require flame-retardant materials, such as aerospace, automotive, defense, and electronics.

  • Functional prototyping
  • Internal or external components
  • Low volume or custom production parts that are non-flight critical, such as brackets and mounts
  • Electronics in housing; connectors

Did you know?

  • Onyx FR provides great surface finish and printability.
  • This is a highly cost-effective option due to the material properties and potential applications.
resized onyx fr