HSHT Fiberglass Filament

HSHT fiberglass material delivers the highest impact resistance and heat deflection temperature of our continuous fibers.

What is high-strength, high-temperature (HSHT) fiberglass?

Extremely thin strands of glass bundled together into a fiber. Fiberglass is traditionally used in composites for boat, automobile, and aircraft manufacture.

How strong is high-strength high-temperature fiberglass?

HSHT fiberglass has a flexural strength of 420 MPa (71 ksi) and a tensile strength of 600 MPa (87 ksi). For more information on HSHT fiberglass material properties, check out the data sheet.

When to 3D print with HSHT Fiberglass material?

With superior heat resistance and flexural strength that is second only to carbon fiber, HSHT fiberglass is ideal for applications requiring high heat and impact resistance or high elasticity.

  • Welding fixtures
  • Thermoforms
  • Thermoset molds
  • Mold inserts

Did you know?

  • HSHT fiberglass has a heat deflection temperature of 150° C (302° F).
  • HSHT is 29x more impact resistant than ABS and more than 100x more impact resistant than PLA.
  • HSHT fiberglass has the ability to deflect nearly twice as much as carbon fiber and return to its original shape when unloaded.