SOLIDWORKS Composer technical communication software gives you the tools for faster creation of graphical content that clearly presents your products.


This intuitive software enables even non-technical users to take your 3D CAD data and develop stunning, up-to-date 2D and 3D content quickly.

Synchronized Communications: Connect technical communication so that graphic elements are updated automatically with design changes.
Earlier Tracking: Develop your technical communication deliverables earlier in the process and keep them current, instead of having to wait until the product is complete.
Product Previews: Show your product before production using 2D and 3D illustrations and interactive animations.
Easily Displayed, To Anyone: Anyone, from your suppliers, customers, manufacturing or service teams, can see the visuals of your product, regardless of language and culture, reducing the amount of confusion or translation needed.
Technical Illustration: Deliver clear and compelling graphics to end users.
2D & 3D Content Publishing: Technical and marketing departments easily create technical communication.
Concurrent Product Communication Development: Automatic communications created from start to finish and delivered with the final product.
Interactive 3D Communication: Leverage 3D graphics and interactive animation to provide clarity to an audience. No longer static, you can pan, zoom, rotate and who off your product.
Technical Product Communication: Sales and other departments easily deliver graphical content. 3D CAD intelligence gets automatically retained in the BOM and annotations guide a viewer.
What's New in 2021

Find additional support for configurations to be loaded into the composer project upon import, along with removing any empty groups during the import process for easy cleanup. The overall load times have seen a performance improvement as well. In the past, invisible actors have been difficult to recall, now, these actors will actively highlight. 

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