3D Printing Partner Launch!

We're hosting PRINT 3D! Open House with our partners Markforged and HP! The Open House is on Thursday, May 16th from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at our Technology Center in Germantown, WI. This event is free and registration is open; reserve a spot for you and your team.

GSC Markforged HP


Guests will have the opportunity to participate in machine demonstrations and tours. Learn from industry experts about metal, composite, and production level 3D printers and their revolutionary effect on design and manufacturing. Printed parts will be on display for attendees to get their hands on; explore printing materials, textures, finishes, durability, strength and more. This is an opportunity to expand technical learning, network with the manufacturing and engineering community, and celebrate influential innovations.

Our main program will feature two guest presentations. Markforged will present on the future of manufacturing and 3D printing production capacity, a disruption to the industry. HP will present on MultiJet Fusion technology applications, resolution strength, and speed. For presentation times and our full schedule, view our event page.

Breakout sessions include:

  • Application Fits – Walk the Line
  • Design for Additive
  • Futuristic Tooling Processes with Digital Manufacturing
  • MultiJet Fusion and Injection Molding

Also get the unique chance to:

  • See how a CAD model can be optimized for certain 3D printers to acheive a lighter, stronger, or more cost effective part
  • Have a chance to win great prizes from our partners including a Markforged Onyx 1 3D Printer
  • Test your strength with our "Break the Part Challenge"

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About Our Partners

HP – HP MultiJet Fusion technology allows functional prototyping, manufacturing aids, and final part production. Produce parts with controllable physical and functional properties at each point in a part, offering speed, quality, strength, and novel functionalities. Accelerate your production now for a wide range of applications.

MARKFORGED – Boston-based 3D printing provider, Markforged, specializes in advanced material printing (onyx, carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, steel) with a patented reinforced continuous fiber technology to exponentially increase part strength. Economically print, print faster, and lower part weight and cost with the printer that’s right for you.