3D Simulation for the Medical Device Industry

Leverage simulation and 3D printing technology to analyze design performance before manufacturing.

There are multiple benefits of 3D simulation-driven design. This type of testing is a much more affordable option than physical testing and prioritizes patient safety. Utilizing simulations makes it easier to see what components on the device are functioning properly and what could use additional work before moving to final production. This level of analysis on the front end can also help determine how to improve a device's performance, streamlining production and creating a device that provides more value and safety for patients. 

The ability to make quick adjustments and changes as needed during the product development process can also reduce the time required to perfect the device. This not only decreases the time it takes the product to get to market, but it could also reduce total production costs.

Simulation Software Solutions

With the world's leading analysis tools, you can conduct tests confidently, receive real-time information, and make design decisions more efficiently. These tools can help medical device manufacturers enhance product performance, reduce reliance on physical prototypes, and foster innovation.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

By integrating 3D printing throughout the design process – from concept to post-market – traditional manufacturing methods can be bypassed, saving both time and money while expediting the device’s launch to the market. 


Get detailed insights into the capabilities and features of these cutting-edge medical device solutions.


Simulation Software

Medical Device Simulation Software for Efficient Design and Testing

The medical device industry is rapidly evolving with new technologies, creating challenges for designers to innovate while adhering to regulations. Leading manufacturers invest in CAD-associative simulation tools like SIMULIA (3DEXPERIENCE Works) and SOLIDWORKS Simulation for rapid trade-off studies to push boundaries and improve market position.


Simulation Drives Every Design Decision at GE Healthcare

Discover how GE Healthcare engineers utilize SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation to accelerate product development and innovation of anesthesia delivery products. The engineers rapidly compared and validated the best design alternatives with accurate simulations of complex non-linear structural of elastomer material with complex contact and fluids problems.


With SOLIDWORKS Simulation you can gain testing against a broad range of parameters including durability, static and dynamic response, motion of assembly, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastics injection molding.

3DEXPERIENCE Works Structural Simulation (SIMULIA)

SIMULIA utilizes the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to develop simulation applications that provide accurate assessments of material and product performance, safety, and reliability, before committing to physical prototypes.


5 Reasons to Add SOLIDWORKS Simulation to Your Medical Device Design Toolbox

Learn five benefits of adding advanced, SOLIDWORKS-associative analysis tools to your medical device design workflow.


Reasons to Consider Switching from SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium to 3DEXPERIENCE Works Structural Simulation

Which one do you choose, SOLIDWORKS Simulation or 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation SIMULIA? Learn about the differences.


Additive Manufacturing

Markforged Product Lineup background

Streamline Medical Device Engineering with Virtual Prototyping and Testing

With a full lineup of Markforged desktop, industrial, and metal 3D printers, medical device manufacturers can go from design to part at the touch of print.

Applications: Ergonomic tools, assembly trays, cosmetic parts, end-of-arm tools, lightweight brackets, general high-wear tooling, functional prototypes, custom wrenches & sockets.

Desktop Series

Drive innovation. Right from your desktop.

Industrial Series

Print with composite base materials & continuous fibers.

Metal X Series

Accessible metal 3D printing. End-use parts ready next day.

Shakula Medical Markforged

Accelerate Innovation with 3D Printing for the Medical Device Industry

Quickly manufacture functional parts with minimal overhead, providing medical professionals with products faster than ever before. 

Have Questions About Simulation or 3D Printing Solutions?

Given the medical industry’s constant evolution, it’s never too early to learn how 3D simulation solutions can benefit your process. Quickly transform new ideas into great products by simulating, prototyping and analyzing product behavior. Contact our team at GSC today for more information about 3D simulation and its applications in the medical industry.