SOLIDWORKS Hosted as a Service

Secure data storage on the cloud

SOLIDWORKS Hosted in the Cloud

SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud, powered by our partner EpiGrid, is a unique solution for companies looking to move engineering applications like SOLIDWORKS to the cloud. Reduce IT burdens, and let GSC handle your design environment administration so that you can focus on design. 


Why Should I Run SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud?

SOLIDWORKS hosted in the cloud, known as Software Hosted as a Service (SHaaS), offers several compelling advantages. One of the primary benefits is the elimination of the need for a high-end computer to run SOLIDWORKS. Leveraging the robust processing capabilities of the cloud, you can now design using a tablet, a standard laptop, or even a smartphone. All that's required is a reliable internet connection and a web browser. 

SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud includes services such as: 

Full SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions and add-in support

Assistance with client installation

Yearly updates for SOLIDWORKS and PDM

Management of your PDM Vault, including workflows, permissions, and users

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No IT to Manage

Get full IT management, with SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud. Streamline your product data management and frees up your server and IT resources. 

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Security & Protection

EpiGrid's data centers feature advanced firewalls and encryption technology, with ongoing security updates to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

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Keep your same SOLIDWORKS

Keep using your SOLIDWORKS software and migrate it to the cloud. This enables improved collaboration among design teams spread across various locations, even continents, and facilitates smooth management of work-from-home schedules.

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Engineering Experience Expertise

EpiGrid has helped customers host SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years. Recognized as the gold standard for hosted SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions, EpiGrid provides globally available secure public and private Cloud options that eliminate typical IT burdens and constraints. 

Administration Services for SOLIDWORKS CAD


SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin & Add-in Integration Support Services

Managing SOLIDWORKS, with its numerous add-ins like PDM, CAM, Electrical, Simulation, Toolbox, and more, can be a daunting task. Whether your design environment is on-premise or cloud-hosted, our Managed Services ensure that all your essential tools are seamlessly integrated and operate alongside your preferred CAD software, making your workflow hassle-free.


Client Installation Planning & Support

Deploying SOLIDWORKS to client systems is a complex undertaking, whether handled individually or through mass deployments using administrative images. It demands careful consideration of multiple variables and meticulous planning to guarantee a successful installation. Let GSC take care of your SOLIDWORKS applications, ensuring their flawless installation and functionality.


Yearly Upgrades

Upgrades are essential for new features and bug fixes. Streamline upgrades with our expert SOLIDWORKS team. Let us manage licensing, installation, data, and file conversion, while your team focuses on design. Our team ensures a smooth transition, working with flexible schedules to minimize downtime.  Let us guide and execute them, ensuring you enjoy the latest SOLIDWORKS version without unexpected issues.


SOLIDWORKS PDM Admin & Vault Management

Among all the SOLIDWORKS applications, PDM demands a unique blend of IT and CAD expertise for effective management. Frequently, PDM problems are indistinguishable from IT challenges and vice versa. Harnessing our know-how to establish data management best practices, design workflow procedures, oversee users, and control access permissions allows you to concentrate on design and engineering, rather than PDM concerns.

Start Managing Your SOLIDWORKS in the Cloud