SOLIDWORKS PDM Hosted as a Service

Secure data storage on the cloud

PDM Hosted in the Cloud

Whether you're new to PDM or want to transition your existing PDM vault to the cloud, PDM on the Cloud, powered by EpiGrid, provides secure data management and remote collaboration for SOLIDWORKS users, enabling hassle-free, secure collaboration and data management. 

How EpiGrid hosting works

How does PDM on the Cloud Work?

PDM on the Cloud works just like it would with a local server. Your team connects to a virtual server to access PDM tools and data. Whether it's on a local server or a virtual machine, users can check files in and out, track revisions, and manage approvals via Windows File Explorer – all with the same functionality. 

Get Centralized Data Storage and Cloud Convenience with SOLIDWORKS Data Management

Simplify CAD data management and reduce the reliance on manual IT-driven applications. Efficiently manage your data in the cloud, allowing for easy scalability and cost optimization by paying only for what you use. Enjoy a low-maintenance secure environment, minimizing the risk of data loss or corruption.

Advantages of moving your PDM to the Cloud:

  • Cut management costs by 50%.
  • Ensure secure document storage and version control.
  • Customize access control and permission settings.
  • Enable real-time collaboration and communication.
  • Simplify data search and retrieval.
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems and software.
  • Receive automatic notifications for changes and updates.
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Why Host With GSC?

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No IT to Manage

Get full IT management, with SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud. Streamline your product data management and frees up your server and IT resources. 

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Security & Protection

EpiGrid's data centers feature advanced firewalls and encryption technology, with ongoing security updates to stay ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

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Keep your same SOLIDWORKS

Keep using your SOLIDWORKS software and migrate it to the cloud. This enables improved collaboration among design teams spread across various locations, even continents, and facilitates smooth management of work-from-home schedules.

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Engineering Experience Expertise

EpiGrid has helped customers host SOLIDWORKS for over 10 years. Recognized as the gold standard for hosted SOLIDWORKS Cloud solutions, EpiGrid provides globally available secure public and private Cloud options that eliminate typical IT burdens and constraints. 

Benefits of our Service

  • Pre-configured Processes

    Preconfigured workflows, data cards, user permissions, and more.

  • Simplified Training

    Straightforward, real-world training for your SOLIDWORKS PDM Vault users.

  • Best Practices & Implementation

    Proven processes and engineering practices created by SOLIDWORKS Vault Admin Experts

  • Schedule

    Go live within days with the Axis Vault rapid deployment process.

Comprehensive Support Service for Engineering and Manufacturing Companies

  • GSC Cloud PDM

  • CAD & PDM Managed Services

  • RansomGuard Data Security

  • IT Managed Services

  • Back up as a Service

GSC Cloud Service Offers:

PDM Implementation Process


Immediate Cloud Vault Access


Process Workflow & Discovery


Vault Configuration


Basic User & Admin Training


Server & Software Setup


Go-Live & Support

PDM Standard or Professional Implementation Items

  • Engineering Best Practices Configuration

  • Cloud / Hosted Implementation Delivery

  • Company Process Discovery Meeting

  • Vault (Configuration Specific) Documentation

  • File Revision Management and Approval Process

  • Server Software Installation / Configuration

  • Basic User / Admin Training (Vault Specific)

  • Client Installation / Documentation & Support

  • Generic (non-3D CAD) File Support

  • Bill of Material Integration

  • SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Integration

  • PDM Linked Par, Drawing & Assembly Templates

  • Project Based Legacy Migration


Starting at $349 / Month

  • Shared Compute
  • PDM Standard Only*
  • 10 Named Users
  • CAD Admin Services
  • Remote Access Only
  • No Direct Server Access
  • 100 GB Storage

$2,500 Setup/ Implementation

Virtual Private

Starting at $599 / Month

  • Dedicated Compute
  • PDM Standard or Pro*
  • 50 Named Users
  • Optional CAD Admin Services
  • SQL Licensing
  • 200 GB Storage

$2,500 Setup/ Implementation

*SOLIDWORKS PDM Licenses not included

Start Managing Your SOLIDWORKS on the Cloud