Managed Cloud

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Managed Cloud

As design engineers and technology professionals, we understand that your top priority is efficiency and practicality. The last thing you want is to spend endless hours setting up and fine-tuning servers for your CAD and PDM tools. At GSC, our mission is to help fuel our customers’ success. We have partnered with EpiGrid Solutions to offer a turnkey global GSC Cloud-hosted environment. Your data is secure, and seamlessly integrated into your daily workflow, no matter where you are.


Engineering Network Performance

When customers delve into discussions about our Cloud infrastructure, their initial query often revolves around one critical aspect: "How fast is it?" This question directly relates to the core of the user experience for the engineer and IT administrator. Several factors, including the speed of the PDM and CAD server connections and geographical location, significantly influence the system's latency and overall performance.

With the presence of multiple data centers across North America and the utilization of public Cloud data centers, such as Azure, in Europe and the Asia Pacific region, our solution offers a global infrastructure strategically positioned along the internet backbone. This setup ensures the smoothest network experience possible, minimizing friction and enhancing performance.

Network and Data Security

GSC Cloud solution uses Sophos to create a top-notch secure global network for our hybrid Cloud PDM and CAD server system. This network links data centers in Ohio, Nevada, Europe, and Asia, ensuring the best possible connectivity, the lowest delays, and top network performance for our customers.

The network is supported by our RansomGuard solution which provides three layers of defense against the most malicious attacks. The first layer uses advanced AI-powered protection from Sophos. The second and third layers offer data backup features that include instant rollback with incremental snapshots and file-level recovery from redundant and geo-redundant backups.

The solution is centrally managed and equipped with these Sophos features:

  • Cutting-edge AI-based antivirus and malware protection.
  • Next-generation firewall with intrusion prevention, detection, and response.
  • AI-driven security with endpoint signaling.
  • Threat detection and isolation.
  • Self-healing and preventing threats from spreading laterally.

Storage Performance and Availability

In a Cloud setup, the storage system is paramount for performance, especially in reducing latency. We prioritize read speed overwrite operations, and our "RAM accelerated" approach uses ample RAM for buffering writes, ensuring optimal performance.

Our storage systems are reinforced by RansomGuard, offering instant rollback via incremental snapshots and file-level recovery from geo-redundant backups.

Security, Licensing, and Regulatory Compliance

Understanding and adhering to government regulations in different industries can be challenging, especially when it involves engineering and IT teams, each with its own compliance needs. With our background in engineering and medical device development, as well as a decade of hosting engineering firms, we grasp the significance of compliance.

Whether it's FDA, ITAR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC2/3, Safe Harbor, NIST, or software licensing compliance such as SQL and SOLIDWORKS, our Cloud solutions are designed to meet all these requirements. If you're uncertain about your compliance obligations or how to navigate specific compliance situations, rest assured that our team can assist you in achieving and maintaining compliance.


Product Data Management

Tackling persistent data challenges in your daily routine can be incredibly frustrating and unproductive. However, with a sophisticated tool to manage your data and its associated workflows, you can find a practical solution.


EpiGrid Partner

For us, Product Data Management (PDM) is more than just a service – we’ve made it our mission. From the start our customer demanded stringent data management protocols, but at the same time, craved the freedom to access their data from anywhere, at any given moment.

Through our partnership with EpiGrid, we can now deploy a powerful cloud platform that not only ensures security but also delivers the flexibility our customers require. This journey has empowered us to cater to countless more customers, all in pursuit of efficient data management.

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Key Features of PDM Hosting

Our Product Data Management (PDM) hosting ensures top-tier data management, meeting or surpassing design firms' requirements. Our secure infrastructure utilizes leading Cloud solutions like VMWare and Sophos to protect your data comprehensively. We proactively resolve issues by continuously monitoring and optimizing resources, maintaining your system's health around the clock.

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