Simulation Trial & Training Offer

Limited-Time Opportunity

Training & Lab Time with Our Veteran Instructors

We all know the age-old phrase, to try before you buy. That's never been truer with design software, yet – there's another way to get the most value out of your time. For a limited time, trial SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard for free and spend time with our veteran Simulation specialists during a half-day free training and lab time. Dates available are Oct. 23rd or 30th for training.

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Trial Simulation Standard

This level of software gives your engineers effective tools to know if their products will perform properly and how long they’ll last. Simulation Standard's Trend Tracker capability and Design Insight plot let designers highlight optimal design changes while they work.

You'll have these capabilities:

  • Determining the best design by comparing strengths, design life, and weight
  • Use Time Based Mechanism Simulation
  • Evaluate the consumed life of a design submitted to repeated loading

Half-Day Training

During this training, we explore how to effectively improve our products with Simulation. We want stronger designs to create product reliability, for example.

Traditional design processes don't always involve Simulation, and incur multiple design iterations and prototypes. Simulation allows us to tighten up and remove those steps.

We walk you through how to move from a Serial Process to a Simulation-Centric process.

simulation standard

Simulation, whether structural, flow or fluid, plastics, material, and motion, continues to grow in importance for aptly evaluating the designs and products we bring to market. Simulating your product designs allows us to optimize performance for the real world. 

Advanced Validation Testing & Tools

Comprehensive and sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) improves your products by:

  • Studying the performance of your designs for excessive deflections and stresses under dynamic loads.
  • Performing nonlinear analysis, including impact, on plastics, rubbers, polymers, and foam.
  • Conducting contact analysis coupled with nonlinear materials.
  • Evaluating the behavior of composite materials.
Claw featuring simulation capabilities
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