Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Advanced Validation Testing & Tools

GSC offers comprehensive and sophisticated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to improve your products by:

Claw featuring simulation capabilities
  • Studying the performance of your designs for excessive deflections and stresses under dynamic loads.
  • Performing nonlinear analysis, including impact, on plastics, rubbers, polymers, and foam.
  • Conducting contact analysis coupled with nonlinear materials.
  • Evaluating the behavior of composite materials.


Customer Success Story

Airstream came to GSC during a cost reduction initiative that involved changing the way they manufactured their time-tested camper frames. They wanted to switch to a more cost-effective manufacturing process while also light weighting their components.

Using structural analysis, GSC was able to provide Airstream concrete data about their design changes without the cost and development time associated with traditional prototype and testing processes.

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Quantifying performance improvements between old and new designs.

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Identifying problem areas and offering design options.

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Decreasing development time due to virtual prototyping.

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Confidence in their product by identifying factor of safeties in all areas of the model.

Our FEA Analysis Includes

Assembly Simulation

We study the interactions of assembly components on-screen, before incurring the costs of physical prototypes. We also simulate static or dynamic loads to evaluate your design’s performance under stress, strain, and displacement.

Mechanism Simulation

We apply a wide variety of physics-based models to simulate real-world operating conditions for your design. Including: checking for colliding parts, output numerical and graphic data of the results, as well as animations of your tests.

Simulate Welded Structures

We ensure your welded structures perform at peak operating conditions. We apply pressure, forces, and bearing loads, then use visualization tools like section plots, ISO clipping, and animation to review the response.

Product Failure Prediction

Save the time and cost of prototyping while creating safer, more durable products. GSC predicts structural failure thresholds due to yielding, overheating, buckling, and fatigue.

Compare & Optimize Alternatives

We determine the best design option by comparing strengths, life, cost, and weight.

Simulate Vibrations

We predict and control vibrations or dynamic responses in your products with a choice of integrated design studies, including Transient study, Harmonic Response study, and Random Response study.

Predict Buckling or Collapse

We virtually apply forces, pressure, gravity, and centrifugal forces to your designs to determine maximum loads before buckling. We study the effects of various materials as well as isotopic and orthotropic factors.

Simulate Heating or Cooling

Thermal analysis capabilities enable you to easily study heat effects on your designs. We simulate thermal boundary conditions, fluid flow, thermal-structural interactions, and radiation effects in high-temperature applications.

Simulate Drop Test or Impact

Save time and cost by reducing the number of physical tests. We perform realistic collision simulation between parts or assemblies.

Simulate Repeated Loading

Simulate, evaluate, and improve a part or assembly that must withstand the rigors of daily operation. We evaluate the differences in your system’s performance to varying speeds or frequencies, and estimates the design life of your entire product.

Nonlinear Dynamics

We thoroughly test and validate your designs with a broad range of advanced capabilities, including: nonlinear displacement analysis, nonlinear buckling analysis, analysis of nonlinear materials, as well as dynamic response analysis of parts and assemblies.

Simulate Plastic & Glass Formation

We simulate your plastic and glass formation in all possible tests and environments. We optimize parts for volume and cost.


Customer Success Story

WeatherTech worked with GSC to evaluate the usefulness of plastic injection molding analysis on their world renowned floor mats as well as their extremely popular bump step before it came to market.

Using injection molding analysis, GSC was able to help WeatherTech understand all the detailed molding characteristics of their bump step and ensured that the design they had was manufacturable and up to the quality standards that WeatherTech holds themselves to.

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Mold rework cost savings due to virtual molding analysis.

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Decreased development time due to virtual prototyping.

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Confidence in design quality by identifying key molding factors everywhere in the model that wouldn't have been possible with traditional processes.