Take your project to the next level with the advanced animation and display features found in Professional.

Professional Features

Utilize camera animations and one-click 360-degree spins to show off design solutions. Easily compare multiple designs to make better business decisions and get your products to market faster while capturing maximum market share.

  • Full animation of parts, models, appearances, cameras, and environments
  • One-click 360-degree spins to show off final designs
  • Camera Animation Ribbon with unique ability to snap dynamic camera fly-bys
  • Configurations for generating colorways and product variants
  • VR and Panoramas for creating interactive web content
  • Multiple Viewports to compare varying design solutions side by side
  • Camera Filters that are customizable
  • Sun Studies and others that offer advanced lighting and environment features
  • Integrated Render QUEUE and Render Farms to boost productivity / easily scalable for even the most demanding schedules

Advanced Animations with Visualize Professional

Create advanced animations and other output types with SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.

Standard Features

Included with CAD Premium and Professional, Visualize Standard offers compelling visual content for designs. Use photo-quality content early on to make informed decisions and receive feedback from sales teams and potential customers.

  • Photo-quality imagery at unlimited resolution
  • Advanced multi-layer materials
  • Accurate simulation of real-world lighting with HDR support for photorealism
  • Integrated connection to SOLIDWORKS free online community of over 1,000 free assets
  • Decals (interactive stickers) placement just like real life stickers
  • Support for professional Texture Maps (Bump, Normal, Specular, Alpha, Color)
  • Interactive Part Splitter for separating surfaces without going back to CAD modeling package
  • Preset Camera Filters to enhance your images and make them pop off the screen

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is included in your purchase of SOLIDWORKS Professional. Check out the features and capabilities.