Quick Start Training to Plastics Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation

Join the GSC simulation team as we go through an introduction to SOLIDWORKS Plastics! This webinar will give a taste of what the Plastics tool has to offer. You will come away with an understanding of how to get your feet wet with the tool and how you can use SOLIDWORKS Plastics to optimize your injection molding applications.

Topics include:
-Filling Analysis
-Packaging Analysis
-Cooling Time Optimization
-Solid & Shell Meshes
-Injection Locations

-Polymer Materials
-Fiber Orientation
-Weld Lines
-Air Traps


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation

Simulate how melted plastic flows to avoid effects like warpage, on parts. Gain mold cooling optimization. Change mold geometry, processing conditions, or the plastic material to eliminate potential defects.

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