Don't worry; we have a recorded presentation and recaps from our guest speakers, HellermannTyton and Reina Imaging, showcasing how they achieved time and cost savings with Markforged 3D printing technology.

Presentation Recordings:

Nick Schmidtke 
GSC Product Manager of Additive Manufacturing

Presentation Summary:

  • Markforged capabilities & applications
  • Markforged composite & metal additive manufacturing
  • How companies are using Markforged
  • Time and cost savings success stories

Doug Piazza 
Markforged Applications Engineer

Presentation Summary:

  • Blacksmith Software: Blacksmith enhances part quality and provides both real-time and documented part inspection, verifying that the part you printed is the right part for the job.
  • Simulation: Virtually test the strength and stiffness of your parts right from Eiger.
  • Eiger: Eiger software fully integrates with all Markforged 3D printers, enabling you to create builds, print parts, and monitor prints seamlessly.


Guest Speaker Presentation Recaps:

Amy Vasey


Automation Design Engineer - HellermannTyton


Changing the mindset at HellermannTyton using Markforged additive manufacturing printers. HellermannTyton began considering 3D printing over 2 years ago. Today, with more understanding how 3D printing can be incorporated into our designs, as well as incorporating Markforged printers, we have changed the mindset of our designers.  We now go first to “lets 3D print that” instead of talking about if 3D printing is a good choice for the part design.  HellermannTyton has been able to design more complex geometry knowing Markforged has a printer and material that will satisfy the design requirements.

Steve Gdula


Chief Executive Officer - Reina Imaging


Steve Gdula is the Chief Executive Officer at Reina Imaging.  Reina Imaging is an international medtech equipment manufacturer based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, USA, that produces digital x-ray panel holders and related imaging products primarily for the healthcare industry. Reina Imaging is a supplier and product development partner to some of the world’s largest x-ray imaging companies. The company has a strong market position for customized x-ray panel protection devices and is the largest x-ray grid distributor in North America. The company’s highly customized and application-specific designs are well known throughout the imaging industry.