This course is designed to make SOLIDWORKS users productive more quickly with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Bundle. It offers comprehensive hands-on training on the applications of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. This course provides an in-depth coverage on the basics of Finite Element Analysis, covering the entire analysis process from meshing to evaluation of results for parts and assemblies.

The class discusses linear stress analysis, gap/contact analysis, and best practices. All SOLIDWORKS Simulation users wishing to create better designs in SOLIDWORKS by performing analysis and evaluating the behavior of their parts and assemblies under actual service conditions will benefit from taking this class.


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  • Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and basic mechanical engineering concepts is recommended.
Daily Schedule: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Length: 3.0 Days

Class Schedule

January 2019

1/28 - 1/30
Germantown, WI

February 2019

2/19 - 2/21
Madison, WI

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