GSC Respirator Mask Adapter
Milwaukee Tool Filter in 3D Printed Canister
Mask with 3D Printer Adapter Parts
Adapter Canister Cap
Aaron Niedermann
3D Printing Engineer - GSC

"We needed a large number of these, so it needed to be 3D printable at a very fast rate. And the less material, the better. So we used the HP 5200 3D printer.”

Eric Draeger

“This gives us a way to not only protect ourselves and our families but also to stay in the fight. That gets right at the heart of what it is to be a police officer”

Dave Kasinskas
President & Owner - GSC

"The team collaboration on this was phenomenal with a high level of communication needed during the crisis. We saw a quick turnaround, from getting a call on Saturday night and a functional prototype by Monday"