Materials Changing the Additive Landscape


3D printing is changing all manner of manufacturing: from manufacturing aids and advanced prototyping to end-use part creation. We reveal the hidden, not-often shared benefits of incorporating 3D printing such as no-touch time and letting parts print overnight; how operators on the floor can give timely feedback for design changes; and how lightweighting parts without sacrificing strength is common. Learn how Markforged is providing the equipment to change the way we work with the most advanced composite and metal printing technologies available specifically designed for manufacturing environments.

Die Tool 3D Printing Markforged
CNC Soft Jaw 3D Printing
HP Polypropylene 3D Printing material-780x470

Markforged 3D Printing

Markforged Machine Lineup

Markforged 3D printers deliver the highest quality of parts—precise, repeatable, and strong. Composite 3D printing provides the strength you need for tooling and functional parts.

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Johnson Level's 3D Printing Journey

GSC Customer Success Story

Johnson Level purchased the Mark Two industrial grade printer and saw ROI within 9 months. New 3D parts make up their production line including an ultrasonic welding fixture, multiple grippers, packaging prototypes and a new assembly machine.

Johnson Level 3D Printing Video Cover Photo