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BOMs still play a critical role in defining and communicating product information. But the process has long suffered from inefficiency and significant non-value-added administrative time that could be better spent on design. As product development has become more complex, BOMs have continued to work as a communication tool, but no longer support a world-class engineering process.

This eBook examines the challenges manufacturers face with their current BOM processes and explains how the 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports a better approach: the holistic virtual product definition.

Automate Your Data Management Processes

Start saving time with our custom PDM add-ins. Automate repetitive tasks and speed up your workflow in SOLIDWORKS.

PDM BOM Exporter

Simplify the process of exporting assembly Bill of Materials (BOM) from PDM in various formats, such as Excel files, XML, or a combination of both, making data transfer to your ERP system effortless.

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Advanced Description Builder

Enforce company naming standards, align data across teams, and maintain organization in part files effortlessly. Easily add, edit, and update part descriptions using a user-friendly Data Index in Excel, creating a menu of standardized options for consistent data organization.

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Data Card Updater

Easily update a plethora of data cards at the same time with the Data Card Updater add-in. Make changes to multiple data cards by configuring updates in Excel sheets for the required parts and data. Simply upload the document and watch as the system implements all the specified changes.

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