Materialise Magics 3D Printing Prep Software

Empowering 3D printing applications through smart, versatile data preparation software.

Materialise Magics

Materialise Magics is a 3D printing preparation software with tools to expertly manage and control the 3D printing process more efficiently. This smart, versatile data preparation software offers a customizable, intuitive user interface. Optimized for STL modifying, you can perform complicated STL operations with ease, such as booleans, lattices, and perforations.

Discover how to construct a more cost-effective and productive setup by optimizing your 3D prints. Materialise Magics is one of the best additive applications for modifying and repairing STL files. You can tailor your toolbox to what you need, and grow your tools as your 3D printing activities grow.

Materialise Software

Materialise Magics From a User’s Perspective

Manually preparing builds eats up your operator’s time. Operators can spend hours packing builds and preparing support structures alone. With the right software, however, prep time can be significantly reduced. If the operator spends less time prepping, that leaves them more time for post processing, machine prep, and lab cleanup.

Materialise Magics 24 Features

Materialise Magics 24 includes new features such as the Bounding Box Nester, Transfer Support, Chamfer, and STEP workflow. These weren’t small additions or small improvements – 3D Nesting is 30% faster than the previous version of Magics. Watch to learn more.


Customer Testimonial

“Since using Materialise software, we have literally saved thousands of man-hours in build preparation time and have seen a dramatic decrease in the frequency of support-related build failures.”    —Todd Reese, President of Realize