EXALEAD OnePart accelerates reuse of parts, designs, specifications, standards, test results and related data. Leveraging the proven Web semantics, analytics, and Big Data management technologies of EXALEAD CloudView, OnePart locates information from multiple sources and makes it available instantly.


  • Leverages existing parts to reduce design decision risk and boost product quality
  • Improves productivity of designers and engineers
  • Accelerates time-to-market and new project start-up
  • Lowers inventory and management costs

Help designers and engineers determine if it's really necessary to create new parts and incur the associated costs. With just a few clicks, users explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs, gaining immediate insight into vast amounts of previously hidden data.

They can further refine their search using side-by-side comparisons to identify the right part for reuse. When a similar part is discovered, the user can also analyze important related documentation like specifications, testing, validation, and certification material in multiple formats (such as .xls & .pdf) to facilitate optimal reuse and a complete view of the situation.

Full-Text Search

Search parts, assemblies, and drawings from most data sources, including CAD providers, from a full-text search bar


Auto-complete Web search functionality speeds user queries


Navigation into the parent and children relationships of an assembly to converge on the exact right part

3D Feature Mining

3D mechanical feature mining (locating parts based on holes, pads, grooves, and others)


Tags facilitate collaboration

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Side-by-side/Metadata comparisons to quickly highlight the most relevant part for reuse

Shape Search

Shape Search to find similar parts based on a known reference part

User-Friendly Display

User-friendly display of charts and graphs with configurable KPIs for rapid analysis

ERP Data Integration

ERP data integration enables PLM data enrichment

Easy Setup

Easy setup & administration: speedy plug & play deployment