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Learn About Simulation

Learn About Simulation

Date: December 6, 2022
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Location: Online

Markforged launched Simulation as a free trial, available to anyone with an Eiger account. Join this webinar on Tuesday, December 6, to learn how Simulation from Markforged takes the guesswork out of 3D printing by validating part strength and optimizing print parameters for superior manufacturing efficiency.

Discover how you can benefit from Simulation that:

  • Instills confidence that your 3D printed parts will have the strength required for industrial applications.
  • Allows you to deliver trusted parts faster by reducing design-print-test iteration cycles.
  • Reduces the cost of 3D printed parts by optimizing the amounts of material and continuous fiber reinforcement needed.

In this webinar, Markforged will provide an overview of Simulation and show you how to use it to validate part strength and stiffness with virtual testing instead of through guesswork and wasteful print-break-testing or relying on structural experts running complex analysis software.

Markforged Simulation

Get an overview of Simulation in Eiger and see how you can use it to validate part strength and stiffness with virtual testing.

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