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Become the most productive, proficient, and trained user possible by bundling classes together at an affordable, one-time charge.  Avoid long waits for your purchasing department and worrying if an extra class will fit into the budget.

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SolidUniversity Training Bundle

Price: $2,995
Length: Unlimited for an entire year! 

The SolidUniversity bundle is a comprehensive training package offered only by GSC. You get unlimited access to all the SOLIDWORKS courses that GSC offers for one year - plus, you can take them as many times as you'd like!

Save over $5,000 by purchasing this discounted bundle!

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Training Bundle

Price: $2,695
Length: 12 Days (5 classes)

SOLIDWORKS Essentials Training Bundle

Price: $1,695
Length: 7 Days (2 classes)

Simulation Premium Bundle

Price: $5,500
Length: 9 Days (4 classes)

Simulation Professional Bundle

Price: $2,500
Length: 5 Days (2 classes)

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