You’re not just buying a 3D printer; you’re gaining a trusted resource.

When you invest in a 3D printer, you deserve the best support available. GSC’s full-service support offers maintenance plans designed around you and your business, with benefits tailored to suit your needs.

No matter your maintenance plan, you can expect prompt response times, quick delivery of parts and on-site services, expert application and technical training, and timely preventive maintenance.

We make it easy to contact support


(800) 454-2233


Key benefits of our full-service support:

  • Priority service with expedited response times
  • Regular software and hardware updates
  • Rapid delivery of replacement parts
  • Ongoing preventive maintenance
  • Expert application and technical training

We’re more than just your service provider. GSC is an extension of your team, always at the ready to assist when you need us the most.