Maximize productivity and eliminate waste.

Is your business operating at its full potential? Are engineering constraints causing you to miss out on revenue?

For over 25 years, GSC has been a trusted resource for organizations seeking to optimize their process and output of engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

Our widely-experienced business consultants work in collaboration with you and your engineering team to learn your business and identify current challenges. We then outline our findings and recommendations to maximize productivity and eliminate process waste. 

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Meet the experts

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Dave Vedder

Vice President of Engineering & Technology

Product Development Productivity Assessment

Optimize your product development process from start to finish with a Product Development Productivity Assessment from GSC. Our industry experts and widely-experienced business consultants seek to understand your business and become an extension of your team to help you eliminate waste, increase efficiencies, and deliver maximum value to your entire business.

Our structured approach helps us learn your business’ unique needs and identify areas of your product development process that can most benefit from improvements and lean manufacturing practices. GSC’s consultants develop an extensive proposal outlining findings, our proposed recommendations, your projected annualized savings, and a detailed implementation strategy. 

As the leader in customer service, we support your team throughout the entire implementation process and beyond to ensure a seamless integration and to maximize your success. 

SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessment

When used to its fullest potential, SOLIDWORKS can increase your team’s efficiency and overall capabilities. But, how do you determine if your team has the knowledge needed to take full advantage of this powerful design tool? 

GSC’s comprehensive SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessment (SPA) gauges your engineering team’s efficiency and SOLIDWORKS knowledge to help you ensure your entire team possesses the skills needed to support your business initiatives. 

By evaluating your team’s strengths and weaknesses, our experts can hone in on the key areas of inefficiency of the highest priority for your business. We then identify process improvements ranging from training to additional SOLIDWORKS solutions that will give you the biggest return on your investment.

Download SOLIDWORKS Productivity Assessment Info Sheet (pdf)

SOLIDWORKS Employment Assessment

Anyone can claim to be a SOLIDWORKS expert. Know you’re hiring a proven expert with a SOLIDWORKS Employment Assessment from your trusted partner, GSC. 

Eliminate any concerns about your job candidate’s SOLIDWORKS skills needed to get the job done with our comprehensive online assessment. 

Our industry experts work with you to customize each assessment based on the job description so you can determine if your candidate has the skills needed to fulfill the role. 

Be confident in your SOLIDWORKS-related hiring decisions with help from GSC.