Complement Your CNC Production With HP Multijet Fusion Tech

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Past Approach With CNC Machining

As a subtractive manufacturing technology, CNC has traditionally been thought of as well-suited for low volume part production and for attaining amazing accuracy over other approaches, such as injection molding.

However, some parts with their small radii, difficult cavities, undercuts, thin walls, etc., are difficult and unrealistic to manufacture with CNC. Sometimes a part has complex geographical properties that aren’t easy to work with.

Changing the Game

Gain Freedom of Design, Reduce Weight & Reuse 80% Powder Waste

Now, you can alter the way you machine and produce with HP’s Multijet Fusion technology. Normally, a complex part like those described above, might push production or push cost, but HP’s technology allows a much higher throughput regardless of part complexity. Your redesigned part (hollowed out or topologically optimized) will be lighter and therefore cheaper, just as strong (pending material, even stronger), and your waste can also be reused (up to 80%).

We can’t stress this last part enough – instead of a subtractive approach from material blocks, your HP printer uses powder. A large percentage, up to 80%, of powder not used in the printing process is quickly reincorporated back into machine use.

Applications & Part Requirements – Compare Multijet Fusion Tech

Please reference the key at the base of the table for color coding. A printable and higher-resolution copy of this image is available in HP’s whitepaper on CNC Production & HP Multijet Fusion 3D Printing.

We’ve found that the change in ability… or the wider range of offerings in this technology, means that when 3D printing HP-style, you can make final parts, not just prototype. The beauty is having it all – your prototypes, your interior parts, your grippers / end effectors, your fluid ducts, and your manufacturing aids all printed from one HP machine.

3D printing is no longer just for validating designs in the beginning of your process. It very much is a batch-level, initial- mid- or final- part creation tool. 

There’s value-adds on many levels, whether it’s expanded part offerings, analysis and lighter part creation, or the ability to save and reuse powder waste at a high rate.

See Our HP Printers in Action

Want to see how it works for yourself? We understand. We have the all-new HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing solution, as well as an HP Jet Fusion full color 580 printer – and we’d love for you to take a closer look. Our 5200 Series is the first in the world to be installed and operational! Come take a look!

Visit us in our Germantown Technology Center to see HP and Markforged printers in action. Our printer tour includes a Markforged Metal X, one of only 3 in the entire state of Wisconsin! 

Whitepaper Available

Want more specs? Need to see case studies or use cases? Again – that’s understandable and we want you to have any and all reference material. Here’s HP’s comprehensive whitepaper on this topic, titled How to Complement CNC Production With HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing. Any further questions, we’re available over the phone at 800-454-2233, or, if you don’t have time for a phone call, can take submitted inquiries online.


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