3D Printing Training Track at E3D!

Here’s a snapshot into the sessions on 3D printing and additive manufacturing at E3D!

Markforged Sessions

  • The Business of Additive
  • Introduction to Additive with Markforged 
  • Markforged Case Study / Customer Success Story
  • Additive Manufacturing with Composites  
  • Additive with Metal 

HP 3D Sessions

  • Why HP Multi Jet Fusion & How it Works & Case study of HP’s Internal Adoption of MJF Technology for Production Parts
  • Deep Dive on Designing for Additive Manufacturing
  • Real-World Use Cases
  • Hands-on Applications Discovery Workshop

Session Descriptions

Markforged & The Business of Additive – Planning for Value-Driven Additive Program

This is a two hour session that takes up two session slots. Learn how to incorporate Additive Manufacturing into your business, and how to plan for the purchase of a Markforged 3D Printer.

Introduction to Additive with Markforged

This is a 2-hour session, which takes up two session slots. Learn about Additive Manufacturing processes, how they compare to traditional manufacturing, and how to design for common applications.

Markforged Customer Case Study

Learn how an innovative company leveraged Markforged to reach their manufacturing goals.

Markforged Additive Manufacturing with Composites

This is a 2-hour session that spans two session slots. Learn how to find applications and optimize designs for advanced Additive Composite materials.

Markforged Additive Manufacturing with Metal

This is a 2-hour session that spans two session slots. Learn about Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing, and what applications can save you time and money

HP Additive Technology

Please Note: HP Additive Technology session span 4 session timeslots, running on Day 1 and 2. The Design for Additive Manufacturing Workshop led by HP 3D Printing will consist of four parts covering the following topics:
Part 1
Why HP Multi Jet Fusion & how it works
Case study of HP’s internal adoption of MJF technology for production parts
Part 2
Deep dive on designing for additive manufacturing: Strategy, guidelines, materials, considerations, machining & threads, bonding, process control, etc.
Part  3
Real-world use cases
Part  4
Hands-on applications discovery workshop


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What’s E3D?

E3D!, or Engineer 3D! will be held October 2-3, 2019, at the Potawatomi Hotel & Casino in Milwaukee, WI. The largest 3D engineering technology conference in the Midwest, has a jam-packed agenda with 80+ educational sessions and hands-on workshops spanning across 8 solution tracks: Mechanical Design, 3D Printing, Simulation, Electrical Design, Product Data Management (PDM), Automation, Communications, and Talent Management.

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