Real-World Views of Your Design

Have you ever wanted to see what your SOLIDWORKS design looks like in the real world, before you 3D print out a prototype? If you have an Apple or Android mobile device, it’s easy! All you need is eDrawings Professional for Mobile.

Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the app. It’ll cost a few bucks up-front, but it’s a small, one-time charge. Once you have the app installed on your device, it’s ready to use.

You can use the mobile app to view any eDrawing 3D model that you publish out of SOLIDWORKS. Getting the .eprt or .easm file onto your device used to mean emailing it, but recent versions of eDrawings Mobile allow you to access popular cloud storage solutions such as Microsoft OneDrive, so if you have one of those services set up on your device, it’s even simpler.

You’ll need a “target” in the real world for the virtual model to “sit” on. We use a simple QR-type graphic we've provided that you can print out. You can also call up the PDF from inside the mobile app:

Bring up your model, and then press the AR button. You’ll see live input from your device’s camera, and then when you point toward the AR marker, your model will appear in the window aligned to and attached to the marker. If you want to rotate the model while in AR mode, you do it in the same way as in regular mode; zoom and pan also work, although you want to keep your model in the scene. Watch this short video to get you familiar with the interface, and then download eDrawings Pro Mobile and try using augmented reality in your own SOLIDWORKS projects.