This is the final blog and video, Part 6, in our SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) Spring Training video series. For videos 1 - 5 with tips and tricks, please visit:

Report Filters, AND/OR, & Group Statements – Sent to the Minors

Player pitching at pitcher's moundWe know Spring Training is over, but it's had a drastic effect on the season we're in. One of the most important aspects of Spring Training was getting a look at promising young players. In some cases, those players were better served by spending some time in the minors to work out the kinks in their game. Let’s see how SOLIDWORKS Electrical lets you pick who makes it to the Big Show, and who gets sent to the minors for a stretch until a future callup!

Filters let us trim out the information in our reports with an easy-to-create set of conditions. You can group conditions to make your filter act in proper order on the Project’s data set so you get the results you need without getting into custom queries.