This blog is Part 2 in our SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) Spring Training video series. For video 1 on Interface configuration, please visit our previous SWE blog or our SWE YouTube video.

2D Footprint Wipeout Frame - Pitch Framing

Baseball on dirt baseball field

Location, Location, Location. That’s the name of the pitching game, and the great ones can put a pitch exactly where it needs to go with pinpoint precision and control. Well, their throw is only half the battle, as new analytics have shown that a huge part of getting the umpire to call a strike is the subtle body language of the catcher as he receives the ball in his glove. This “slight of hand” technique is called pitch framing, and a great catcher can tip the balance of the game and get just a few more strikes called to wipeout more batters.

In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, this little adjustment to the wipeout frames in your library of footprints (especially the non-rectangular footprints) will give you the control you need to knock out another design in time and wipeout the competition!

See how to specify a wipeout shape on any non-rectangular footprint symbol to ensure an accurate project layout!