Have you ever wanted to work from home only to realize you forgot to deactivate your SOLIDWORKS License? Been there, done that - but, no more. SOLIDWORKS 2018 includes online licensing for all products, excluding PDM. However, it's only available for single-user/standalone licenses. 

SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing allows you to assign licenses to individual users without the extra step of manually activating/deactivating each time. Custom settings can also be transferred to each computer you work on. There is even an offline mode allowing you to retain your license for up to 30 days without an internet connection.

Getting Started With SOLIDWORKS Online Licensing

So, how does it work? By converting your standalone licenses to online licenses. These online licenses can be accessed upon login to your MySolidWorks account on any computer where SOLIDWORKS is installed.



  • To activate online licensing, you must first deactivate the SOLIDWORKS license on the standalone computer.
  • Once deactivated, login to www.mysolidworks.com
  • Select ADMIN Portal located under the drop-down menu below your name.
    • If you are unable to access the admin portal, you will need to contact your administrator to add you as an admin member.  
  • Within the admin portal, you can see all of your company's SOLIDWORKS users and the products to which they are assigned. Select a user and the product you will convert to online licensing.
  • On the Product Details page, select “Change to Online Licensing.”
    • Note: this will not work if the license has not been deactivated. If you want to change back to Machine Licensing, simply click “Change to Machine Activation."<  
  • Once the license change has been made, restart SOLIDWORKS.
    • When reopening SOLIDWORKS, you may receive an error message. Simply close SOLIDWORKS and open again.  
  • Once SOLIDWORKS is open, you will be prompted to log into your MySolidWorks account.
  • You will be prompted to activate any other licenses yet to be switched to online licensing.
    • This prompt may appear a few more times if you choose not to update the other licenses. Simply select "Cancel" each time.  
  • Once successfully logged into MySolidWorks, you will see a blue icon in the upper right corner allowing you to control your MySolidWorks login.


Opening SOLIDWORKS On Another Workstation

When opening SOLIDWORKS on a different workstation, follow these steps:

  • Open your computer’s Programs and Features to modify the SOLIDWORKS 2018 installation.
    • If you open SOLIDWORKS prior to this step, you will receive a prompt to choose which products to activate. Since you are looking to access the licenses through MySolidWorks, select "Cancel."  
  • This will give you the options to manually enter the serial numbers or log into MySolidWorks. Choose "Login" and enter your MySolidWorks credentials.
    • For product selection, ensure the products you previously activated are checked, then select "Next."  
  • Select "Download and Modify."
  • Once the installation is complete, select "Finish."
  • If the login is successful, the SOLIDWORKS application will open and a blue icon will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, every time you open SOLIDWORKS you will receive a prompt to enter your MySolidWorks credentials to gain access to online licenses.

Once the online licensing has been set up, you'll no longer have to worry about deactivating your license when working from home or another workstation! 

If you run into any problems along the way, our experts are ready to assist. Our Technical Support staff can be reached at (800) 454-2233.

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