Stratasys' F123 Series brings a variety of FDM materials to the desktop lineup.

One of the new materials is a well-known, low-cost plastic known as PLA. This material is widely used in the hobbyist machine community and offers an economic alternative to the more standard ABS plastic.

Stratasys F370 PLA material

On the F123 machines, this material runs through a specialized head with a cooling blower in place of a support material head. Since PLA runs at a lower temperature, it has a higher bridging capability. What this means is that PLA can print without support material and still maintain some accuracy to a part.

This material offers a quick and easy alternative to higher grade thermoplastics and is available in a fixed .010 inch slice height.

While this material is not ideal for heavy-duty fixtures or end-use parts, it is great for mockup parts that are quick, inexpensive, and still have the precision that Stratasys machines have to offer.

Download the PLA Data Sheet to learn more.