GSC's Hardware Recommendations for SOLIDWORKSPeople ask me all the time "what is the best computer hardware for SOLIDWORKS?" The answer to this question varies somewhat on the type of things you design, but mostly the variability comes from time -- as in, its passage.

New versions of SOLIDWORKS push the envelope on what can be done in mechanical design, while manufacturers are constantly pushing ahead with ever-more powerful processors, memory systems, and graphics. Given the fact that money is typically a factor, just buying the most expensive box you can find isn't really an option; and sometimes, you can spend more money to get poorer performance!

To help with this, I've been curating a living document at GSC for quite a while called Hardware Recommendations for SOLIDWORKS. Many GSC customers are familiar with this document, as it's used during support calls and other related inquiries. For the first time, this document is available to anyone here on our web page. Get the latest version here!