Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird...it's a plane...it's Superman...Nope, it's a SUPERPART! 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017 Super Part

A Super What? 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2017's new Super Part tool may not be the "Man of Steel," but it sure will help you fly through your next design! While the true power and identity of the Super Part tool is shrouded in mystery, it hasn't taken users long to uncover it's true potential! 

Just a few weeks ago during GSC's Engineer 3D! Training + Technology Conference, it quickly became apparent during the Electrical team's Ask Me Anything session that the Superpart feature was one of the hottest topics for SOLIDWORKS Electrical users.

Common attendee questions included:

  • What are Super Parts' super powers? 
    Super Parts can create catalog parts using several parts/assemblies. 
  • Can Super Parts save me... from the trouble of assigning multiple parts to a component?
    All your commonly associated parts for assembling a component can now be lumped together and assigned with one click! Think Macros but for your commonly lumped part assignments.
  • How fast can Super Parts fly... me through my design?
    Super Parts can make you super fast. 

See the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Super Part in Action!