Your go-to FDM thermoplastic in 10 colors.

Mechanical strength and UV stability make ASA a great choice for functional prototyping. Ease of use makes it a top pick for iterative design. Outstanding aesthetics and ten fade-resistant colors make it an all-around favorite, even for end-use parts.

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Meet the experts

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Nick Schmidtke

3D Printing Applications Engineer

UV-Stable Prototyping

ASA is a production-grade thermoplastic that works beautifully with FDM Technology. Available in 10 fade-resistant colors, ASA combines mechanical strength and UV stability with the best part aesthetics FDM technology has to offer. Build enduring prototypes to test fit, form, and function – or produce practical production parts for outdoor use. From electrical housings and brackets to sporting goods and automotive prototypes, ASA will give your designs a place in the sun.

ASA works with Fortus 360mc, 380mc, 400mc, 450mc, and 900mc 3D Printers and uses soluble support material for easy, hands-free removal. Colors include red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, white, dark gray, light gray, ivory, and black. When speed and scale are a priority, Fortus 900mc Acceleration Kits are available to build large ASA parts two to three times faster.